Thursday, 31 July 2008

Austrian Death Machine

Austrian Death Machine

A new album produced entirely by the infamous Tim Lambesis from As I Lay Dying.

Austrian Death Machine is fast, pissed, and brutal metal, just how it should be, with classic lines from Arnold movies such as "GET TO THE CHOPPER"
No fantasy lyrics or overly poetic personal jargon. There are only forcefully chanted, testosterone drive phrases that governor Arnold would approve of.

Illustrated Recovery

After a long drought of illustrated images, here is an ok effort created from todays boredom. The skin textures are rather nice, thanks to none other than the dodge and burn tools

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Temple Newsam House

Went for a nice walk in temple newsam parks and grounds today, and have taken a nice image of the good old mansion. weathers been great for a while now, had loads of photographic opportunities.

Temple Newsam House

Nice picture, and i am quite pleased with it. With a feel of a wide angle lense snapshot, although no such lense was used here, its down to the crazy perspective of the composition

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Turning Water Into Wine

Turning Water Into Wine
Just been on what turned out to be an unsuccessful photo shoot. The weather was not very pleasing. But hey, I still managed to salvage something worth keeping from the rubble of a poor photography session.

Conducted some major photoshop surgery on the image below:

As you can see.. not the best photograph in the world, lucky enough for me, my trusty friend Photoshop is always here to help me climb out of the huge hole that I dug myself into with my camera =P

With a bit of blood, sweat and many tears, as i said previously about salvaging something from nothing. This image arose from the ashes of the horrible originated image:

decided to go for the autumn feel with golds as opposed to the original green shades.

Please enjoy if you can, its not a great image, but its practice! And Criticize of corse =P

Focus That Photograph

While reflecting on my previous discovery and blog on the HDR photography subject, with my personal talents flowing, i was staring at my lego man stood on my Imac, he was looking down at me. It was at this precise point when an idea popped into mind. How achievable would it be to merge two separate photos of the exact same image, but only differing in-terms of the lenses focal point. For example you set a camera up in a steady position, taking care that it will not move during the shot. From there you get a small object, in my case i used a small spray bottle. and this will act as your main foreground focal point. This will be the first of the two images. The second image will be at focus on the furthest object, in my example it was the clouds.

Images taken look as follows:

With the two images, you can be as creative as you like from there, personally, my first choice is to use photoshop and manually merge the two images were applicable to my pre imagined desire. obviously, you can also go nuts from that point. With RAW files you can really make them jump from the screen and ooze rich colors, shadows and hi-lights.

Here is what i ended up with anyway, was a great learning curve for my techniques, something that will be kept in mind to improve on A.S.A.P in my future photographical quests:

Enjoy as always.. and please do criticize, its what us designers need to improve! =)

Tropic Thunder

Mother Nature Just Pissed Her Pants TOO! Already a classic line

Directed by Ben Stiller. Written by Ben Stiller, Justin Theroux and Etan Cohen

Stiller is starring as Tugg Speedman, an action movie star who, along with four other macho co-stars, is forced to rely on his boot camp skills to stay alive when things go horribly awry on their new movie. Ben co-wrote the comedy screenplay with Justin Theroux (Zoolander, Charlie's Angels Full Throttle) and Etan Cohen (Idiocracy). Jack Black will play Jeff “Fats” Portnoy, an overweight gross-out comedian from "The Fatties" franchise, who’s forced to kick his drug addiction while filming on location in the jungle.

Also starring are Robert Downey as Kirk Lazarus, the greatest actor of his generation and a four-time Oscar winner. Jay Baruchel (Knocked Up) will play Kevin Sandusky, an unknown actor on the set. Brandon T. Jackson plays multi-platinum hip-hop-star-turned-entrepreneur-turned-actor Alpa Chino. Bill Hader (Superbad) plays Rob Slolom. Matt Levin (Zoolander) plays Cam. Andrew De Oliveira plays a pilates instructor.

Tom Cruise was also confirmed as appearing by Baruchel, and rumored to be playing the head of the movie studio. Reggie Lee (Pirates of the Caribbean) plays the heavy.

Tropic Thunder is hopefully set to be one of the films of the year, and for this supposed hype, i am very much looking forward to watching the film on release, with such great comedic actors all thrown into one great explosive action comedy, its bound to leave you with a stomach cramp from the constant laughter of Stiller's Genius.

HDR Photography: What A False Sense of Security

Ever Since discovering High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography, I Soon realized that i have been using these techniques all along in my photographs. By using various exposure levels of the same image, You can create some stunning visuals from the HDR method of editing. From research i conducted, there is softwares specialized in Doing all this for you, also Photoshop has a HDR image processor. I have Tried and tested this process, and to say the least i am not the biggest fan. So what i have learned from this is that i can take the supposed theory of HDR editing and proceed to incorporate it with my self taught manual methods of editing.

To demonstrate this theory of mine, I have produced a few photographs using this idea.
Keep in mind that these are my first attempts and guarantee vast improvements with more practice.

Please Criticize, Give Feedback and Most Importantly.. ENJOY

Also Keep Posted For New Photographs Coming VERY SOON

Sunday, 20 July 2008

WALL-E (2008)

WALL-E (2008)
Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar Animation Studios - I am a huge fan of Pixar Studios and this film has most definitely rocketed to the top Pixar films category with the other greats such as Toy Story and Monsters Inc. WALL-E, a very simple yet lovable compact crushing robot stranded on planet earth all alone, with a very big heart waiting to be taken. Every second of the emotional and exiting journey that WALL-E endures, you are right there with him feeling every bit of pain, sorrow and joy that WALL-E does. On a technical side of things the animation is state of the art, some of the cinematography looks close to lifelike, the ability that these animators have to put all those human emotions into not just a robot, but a CG animated robot. This is what animation is all about in the end, forget visuals, its how you can incorporate life and feeling into that drawing or CG model.

Great Film 5* A Must See

Friday, 18 July 2008

UFO Photography

With My new Polaroid camera, I went for a long walk up into temple newsam woods a couple of nights ago.
To my astonishment, there were a small group of aliens building wooden tipi's from the tree wood.

I managed to get close to a stranded one trying to make a fire, as it spotted me it soon became clear that they were friendly creatures and allowed me to photograph it as it stayed fixated on the flash of the camera.

Cool or what!

Monday, 7 July 2008


Film review on "HANCOCK" 2008

Hancock (Will Smith). A sarcastic, self indulged, misunderstood, PC incorrect super hero. Gives a half arsed effort to stop crime while causing more damage than its worth. Was most pleasing to watch the film in terms of the post production and editing that has taken place, mind blowing visuals and great cinematography also. As for the narrative, lets just say its another will smith film, which is good! But doesn't get a hall of fame position in my mind.