Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Digital Paper?

Amazon's $399 folly book reader

That's the cost of the company's Kindle, a gadget with an 800 x 600 E Ink screen. Apparently the company has been working on the device since 2004. It's priced at $100 more than Sony's E Ink-based reader, which has received rave reviews, and, like every electronic book-reading predecessor, has failed to set the world alight. Kindle, however, has a built-in Wi-Fi 3G connection - just what you always wanted from a book.

The Kindle weighs 284g (10oz) and Amazon claims the battery lasts 30 hours per charge.

Why Amazon embarked on this folly isn't clear from a hagiographic feature by Newsweek's Steven "Collective Intelligence" Levy - whose brain must have fallen out in the course of his genuflecting before Amazon boss and amateur spaceman Jeff Bezos.

Levy doesn't mention the long history of ebook failures - Gemstar/Rocket, anyone? - nor does he give any justification for the title: "Reinventing the book". Levy raves about the "killer user interface" - does it kill humans? Or flies? - without explaining why. In addition to delivering digital books, Amazon also hopes to drive print subscriptions from the major publishers: Time Warner and the New York Times are partners for the launch, just as they've been partners for every e-book reader launch we can remember.

review taken from reghardware.co.uk

Saturday, 3 November 2007

W.A.N.K (Excuse, and see past the vile side)

Render Number Three For Today! But Now am going to enjoy the first of many bonfire nights =)

Vile or cool.. what ever you think... Please PLEASE Just appreciate it for the effort of creation

Image Rendering

Couple of personal/ promotional renders i have knocked up today.

Very enjoyable to produce, with a rather exiting outcome =)

Titled: Really gone for it

Got A little bit over exited? and maby a little harsh on hisself? produced for album artwork.

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Titled: The Shit Creature

A render i did on a random drawing in my sketchbook.. and it ended up looking like a piece of turd..