Monday, 17 December 2007

Second Life.. its getting a bit obsessive

Yes its true.. since the last post, i have managed to upload my own graphics for my t-shirt, shoes and camo shorts thanks to the help of alex and dave! =)

below is my virtual self working on a virtual i-mac HAHA how cool

Friday, 14 December 2007

Second Mark!

Recently with the reigns of coursework finally loosening on me due to the christmas break! i have gone back to second life, over the past few days i have been figuring out my grounding, and generally coming to terms with the second life interface. and on that note i would like to say how much my initial feelings have swayed some what from my first encounters with the program.
I now actually have my own account and are becoming gradually confident with the basic functions of the software, i am looking very forward to building on the collective island, and uploading work into the second life world.

My avatar at the moment is as close as i could get to look like me, and he is called Marka Manamiko, sounds Italian haha!

Heres some screenshots of the avatars appearance!

I now wish to learn how to upload my own graphics and ad very much like to have some money too upload them!!!!

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Lego Digital Designer

After taking Annabeth's sound advice of the lego software being really super cool! of which it is! a virtual lego kit, oh how i would have loved one as a kid!
Upon downloading the Lego digital designer package from the lego website (of which is FREE by the way) it runs in a very similar fashion to the 3D engine that maya uses.. allowing you to build virtual lego creations... which i must say is rather bloody is excellent!

so.. being my creative little self, i decided to capture one of my long drawn dreams! and edit myself as a lego character!


Emma Chambers - Freelance Photography

Artist: Emma Chambers

These images above were taken as part of this photographers recent project. I asked permission to blog some of them as they are so well taken. I love how she has captured the sharp still and in focus drums clashing with the violent movement of the drummer and the cymbals caught in motion. very nice images, would have been proud to have taken them =) although it would be very hard to have photographed myself in action.



Spider and chicken illustration

Both of the above illustrations were initially pencil sketches, of which i then applied ink to a desired finnish.
From there i take the images to the scanner, and open them into photoshop!
(note) all my illustrating is done in photoshop! no other software used.

Dependent on what effect i am after, the Dodge, Burn and Smudge tool are vital in my rendering application.
using layer styles such as Multiply, Overlay and Darken achieves fab grunge styles when applied correctly.

With these images particular, I really enjoyed creating the lighting effects, and the contrast of light and dark is what i like about these particular illustrations.

Monday, 10 December 2007

2020 review


Old Reseach

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Some paper cutouts i was originally going to add to my sketchbook.

but i didn't, why? am not sure but here they are! some interesting concepts on products today of which incorporate future tech.