Friday, 14 December 2007

Second Mark!

Recently with the reigns of coursework finally loosening on me due to the christmas break! i have gone back to second life, over the past few days i have been figuring out my grounding, and generally coming to terms with the second life interface. and on that note i would like to say how much my initial feelings have swayed some what from my first encounters with the program.
I now actually have my own account and are becoming gradually confident with the basic functions of the software, i am looking very forward to building on the collective island, and uploading work into the second life world.

My avatar at the moment is as close as i could get to look like me, and he is called Marka Manamiko, sounds Italian haha!

Heres some screenshots of the avatars appearance!

I now wish to learn how to upload my own graphics and ad very much like to have some money too upload them!!!!