Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Human Resources - Considering Culture

Upon todays critical studies session.. i have read through the brief and racked my brain to get a starting point. In todays session we have been focusing on Art and culture.. and how the style and form of art determines itself in society. We have discussed numerous points on a variety of points within this subject. We have looked at how Marcel Duchamp takes the meaning of high culture art, and scrutinizes it. For Example he took a postcard of the Famous painting titled: " The Monalisa" (Below)

And as you analyze the image, you may notice that the face has been defaced? this is Marcel taking the most well established art in the world today, and basically taking the Michael out of the art culture. The piece that marcel has created from a postcard was accepted as high culture art. To me this raises the question; How can a literal piss take of a traditional piece of art be considered as art? when digital design as an art form, with work associated with that section of the creative world is just seen as mass produced, common and basically worthless in comparison to a defaced piss take of art itself?

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Human Resources

I Have just scanned through a vintage magazine from way back in the fuzzy past of 1999.... and i came across this piece of advertising/subliminal messaging. I fancied having a go at writing up a blog on it, as at first impression suspected that i could never EVER get anything out of it.

So that is my challenge.

Critically, what can i analyze in this image? why and how is this relevant to my course studies?

At first glance my eyes are literally pulled to the bright red font at the header of the image. why? the hue and contrast levels in comparison to the rest of the image are in different worlds. Human resources? To be human = Bipedal primates belonging to the mammalian species. It goes on, into a short paragraph describing in detail what 12 million tourists buy when they have unpacked their bags. then a visual of young adult males posed on a set of stairs eating Mc Donald's food.

So what is this symbolizing? and why?

I can only assume that this is proposing that other than Mc Donald's being a huge corporation and a favorite of many people
especially young males? is this also a sign. Also tourists may eat Mc Donald's when in a foreign country because of the reliability in knowing the brand name from there own country with Mc Donald's being in over 120 countries around the world.

Magazine Layout coming to a complete stage

Not complete as of yet, still need to play around with the scale and position of certain layers.

Need to transfer it into Adobe Indesign also.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Second Life building takes an interesting turn!

You may or may not have seen my chicken illustration, but yesterday evening, i took it upon myself to recreate my chicken (of who is now named "cluck" how original i know) and recreate cluck in the second life build function.

i have included a comparison below:

for my first serious build in the second life build engine, i am very pleased with the likeness it has to the original illustrated version!