Wednesday, 24 December 2008

iphone Firmware 2.2 Update

Yesterday i braved the long anticipated challenge of updating my iphone. as of this time yesterday i had successfully locked my iphone, and i was very unhappy to say the least. But with hours of hard work and playing around i managed to get it working and updated with the latest firmware 2.2.

Anyway after that, i have had a good old revamp of the system and upgraded it to a nice custom all black theme... adding some nice little personal touches also:

first little adjustment was so meaningless but so cool at the same time, you can download an advanced settings section and with this you can enter a custom name for the carrier, in my case i have replaced my o2UK logo with my name. [i want to name the phone, but cant think of anything relevant as of yet]

Next i have replaced the lockscreen slide button with a nice touch button that matches the theme. so so so much better to use. And the most obvious thing visible is the theme itself, its a combonation of theme downloads for the springboard, the icons and the lockscreen. It also goes into things like the SMS and changes the blue hi-lighting for black.

And seen as its christmas, i have added some flashing Christmas lights around the springboard, how jolly =D