Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Article Layout

Above: Article Research on layout and structure placment

Looking at structure of an article. It was interesting to find how it is actually set up when being produced for a magazine, as opposed to doing it all by guesswork with no guides. That was also a great little thing we were taught on photoshop, the ruler guides really enhance a layout.

Monday, 22 October 2007

The Future And Product Size

Article taken from The Metro newspaper 22nd October 2007

The Size Of Computers, Yes we have handheld computers now, but as the article mentions a hand held super computer, super being better than the ones accessible now yes? the cables being one thousandth of the thickness of a human hair.

And This is in the next decade? which is a similar time to the brief title making it 2017 only 3 years in the past, but on the other hand a lot can happen in three years.

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Photoshops New Functions


Just finished designing a CD cover to promote my bands ep/album launch.

And Thanks to a handy bit of photography and photoshops awesomeness, i have successfully managed to get a grip with the 3D visual filtering techniques. Daunting at first, but soon became second nature, a very easy and effective process to follow.

Anyway here is an example of some of the work i have been practicing these techniques on:


Wednesday, 10 October 2007

All About me me me...

Interactive desktop:

The idea was to have photoshop open and have other things which are of personal interest to me interacting with the software, like in a fun and playful manner.
Successful? i would like to believe so.. Sure, further developments could lead to more enhanced outcomes, although its a rather good start.

it was my 5th initial design and from what i believed, one of the stronger ones.

also when i was photoshopping away i was messing around with some photos from the photography induction last thursday, and came up with a nice little idea which combines my main idea of stacking personal belongings in a balancing act, and an alternative idea i have of using scale to an advantage.

This was the outcome:


Using Visual interpretation you may be able to figure out that the image is a visual of my "affection"for drumming. The font placed above the bassdrum is to challenge you with the question " if the font was to be removed, would you still come to a similar conclusion of the visual being my love for drums" ?

My Personal alternative conclusion was it indicating that i have a headache due to a loud banging noise? the common term "my head is thumping/banging like a drum"

Something to consider!

About Me Development

Were i am so far:

I have set the ball rolling with my main idea, at the moment its very raw, but you can notice the comparison to my previous sketch work. As i did say the image is really raw at this moment in time, also i need to photograph my personal positions to start applying them in a stacked form onto the bassdrum.

I am hoping the photoshop work wont be too challenging, but sometimes its an all or nothing experience, you get what you want, or it just looks like a rite horrible turd smeared all over the screen.

Anyway the image is as follows: (lets use our imaginations to see the stack of personal belongings)

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Second Life

I have now got an avatar design, it looks as follows:

ok its not amazing, but a reckon its a hell of a good start. The hat was made by shaping the functions to create a hat form.
The shorts are a library surface pattern which is actually moss, but it looks very simular to camo lol

Will be something to look at making better in the near future (hopefully)

Monday, 1 October 2007

About Me?

Initial Idea Development:

Visualization of my idea in a sketch

click to enlarge and read thoughts!!

So far i intend to develop this idea further by researching into photography techniques, White/blue/green screening for easier overlay editing of the separate products I will appear to be balancing in the image.