Wednesday, 10 October 2007

All About me me me...

Interactive desktop:

The idea was to have photoshop open and have other things which are of personal interest to me interacting with the software, like in a fun and playful manner.
Successful? i would like to believe so.. Sure, further developments could lead to more enhanced outcomes, although its a rather good start.

it was my 5th initial design and from what i believed, one of the stronger ones.

also when i was photoshopping away i was messing around with some photos from the photography induction last thursday, and came up with a nice little idea which combines my main idea of stacking personal belongings in a balancing act, and an alternative idea i have of using scale to an advantage.

This was the outcome:


Using Visual interpretation you may be able to figure out that the image is a visual of my "affection"for drumming. The font placed above the bassdrum is to challenge you with the question " if the font was to be removed, would you still come to a similar conclusion of the visual being my love for drums" ?

My Personal alternative conclusion was it indicating that i have a headache due to a loud banging noise? the common term "my head is thumping/banging like a drum"

Something to consider!