Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Focus That Photograph

While reflecting on my previous discovery and blog on the HDR photography subject, with my personal talents flowing, i was staring at my lego man stood on my Imac, he was looking down at me. It was at this precise point when an idea popped into mind. How achievable would it be to merge two separate photos of the exact same image, but only differing in-terms of the lenses focal point. For example you set a camera up in a steady position, taking care that it will not move during the shot. From there you get a small object, in my case i used a small spray bottle. and this will act as your main foreground focal point. This will be the first of the two images. The second image will be at focus on the furthest object, in my example it was the clouds.

Images taken look as follows:

With the two images, you can be as creative as you like from there, personally, my first choice is to use photoshop and manually merge the two images were applicable to my pre imagined desire. obviously, you can also go nuts from that point. With RAW files you can really make them jump from the screen and ooze rich colors, shadows and hi-lights.

Here is what i ended up with anyway, was a great learning curve for my techniques, something that will be kept in mind to improve on A.S.A.P in my future photographical quests:

Enjoy as always.. and please do criticize, its what us designers need to improve! =)