Friday, 24 July 2009

Me? a T-shirt Designer?

After great success and a really nice amount of positive feedback from my previous T-shirt design, i was content with my sucess and thought nothing more of the matter. Then a band that we have played with at previous gigs approached me to commission a T-shirt design. There was no real deadline, or work-frame to meet, other than it was as "cool" as the other one. Now my brain has started to tick, if am being approached by this band, is it possible others may follow in a similar fashion? especially if i advertise, and push myself out there? something to consider in the coming months.

The band in the spotlight this time is a local leeds metal act known as "Book Of Job"

Check them out, there pretty awesome!

Anyway, being the kind fella i am, and knowing the band personally, i designed the T-shirt free of charge, i saw it as a way to assess if i was capable rather than just assuming i was producing a product worthy of charging. Plus it all adds to a portfolio =D

The design looks like this:

The design is made up of some abnormal octo legged creature, a suppose its an octopus, but am not 100% sure to be honest. The creature is sucking on a book, why? who knows! the bands name "Book Of Job" Encouraged the involvement of a book, and what you see is the result hah! In the sketching process, i drew the book before anything else! which is pretty odd really.

2 down now, whats next to come in the band merch saga?