Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Digital Media Development

This is a short introduction to the project, and what the main objectives will entail

In a nutshell:

Create three short sequences (30-90 seconds) that strengthen and develop a various amount of specific film making techniques, in consideration to possible weak points from previous productions. As a result, reinforcing vital skills to produce quality products to the best possible ability.

The project:

The main objective of this brief is to build upon the skills obtained from the previous college years by developing and directing them into a successful and professional workflow. By taking consideration to eliminate all the unneeded errors and problems that have occurred in previous productions, the quality of work, and time taken to produce such work should in theory “improve dramatically”. The successful completion of the brief will also provide valuable additions to the building of a portfolio.

As a group of three, the production will delegate specific production jobs accordingly. This will allow for an equally distributed workload, and more importantly assign desired specialist jobs, in conjunction to the person’s skill strengths and preferences.