Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Digital Media Development

The sequences:

There are a total of three sequences in the preproduction pipeline at the moment. The idea behind each individual sequence is directed to exploit specific techniques and emotions that have been a failure in previous projects, or alternatively something that is a desire to accomplish. Find below short synopsis and descriptions that demonstrate in more detail the theory of the project.

1.Suspense Building Drama:
This sequence will concentrate on long establishing shots to deliver a feeling of being trapped. A big benefactor for this sequence will be the combination of an atmospheric track and soundtrack to capture a cringe worthy feeling of isolation.

2.Aggressive Torture:
Using a combination of carefully planned camera techniques and organized fight choreography, this sequence will provide an action packed blood curdling torture session that will get the adrenaline pumping

The séance themed scene will provide a chance to dabble in the field of visual/sound effects. The plan to produce an intense suspense followed by a supernatural disaster, the sequence will provide a great opportunity to build a studio set.