Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Personal Directives:

As mentioned in the project overview, the working group have been designated jobs to carry out thorough all areas of the production process. These are some short descriptions to what my jobs will be and what they may entail:


Storyboard/Pre visual Artist:
In preproduction, I tend to prefer taking a backseat to any real role. To send myself out of this my comfort zone, I shall be in control of the storyboarding and concept art for the duration of the project


Cinematography/Camera Operator:
This job is a job assigned by preference, and in belief it is also a strength. The role does tend to piece together with the pre visualisation quite well.

Post Production

Special Effects:
One specific sequence demands a call for the use of visual effects. The effects will be in camera, and in postproduction combined. This job will be a challenge by providing the possibility to learn new skills and techniques. In addition, i shall also overlook the editing sessions to supply a fresh set of eyes, and catch out any mistakes that the other person may have missed.