Sunday, 19 July 2009

Keeping Busy: Project Metropolis - Monsters T-shirt

A while has passed now since my first of two graduations, i have played hard since, been to lively Rome, Played my heart out at gigs and festivals. Nice change to the pressure of deadlines. However, no matter how stressful the working environment gets, i soon manage to miss it. As myself and the band "Project Metropolis" have been in good form, and had good luck in recent months, i am on the promotional and merch band wagon to help push us that little bit more.

To add to this positive note, through finding my passion for music again, and with the help of Phil Wall, and his inspiring illustrations, i decided to pick up a good old Berol Fineliner pen once again. And for the record, i quote " It feels Amazing" knowing that after over a year of pure digital creativity coursing through my veins, i can still create a good drawing.

With out any more psycho babble, i present the result of this refreshing voyage:

Probebly needless to say, i think i out did myself. I didn't believe i was capable of producing something of this quality. Some may recognize a similarity to an existing artist out there in the band mech design world. Yes, Godmachine. He has given direct influence with his designs. However, i would like to retain the fact that my design is a personalised approach to the style of Godmachine. Not copying =P If by some miraculous happening where Godmachine manages to lay eyes on this blog. Thank you for being such an inspiration to my revived drawing passion!