Friday, 15 May 2009



Friday was not officially an editing day, and as you may have gathered Thursday was not either. This was because of the crit in the morning and then we exported the sound in the evening ready to be treated. Now back to Friday. As I said it was not a day for editing as we received sudden but really good news that our cast were all available for the final shoot at the location of Billy’s House. All hyped up and ready to go we all gathered at the location in healingly. The house we were using belonged to a good friend of Graeme’s. To say the least, we could not have asked for a better location when considering the scripts description of Billy’s Place =D

Besides the horrific rain and cold damp environment of the location. We could not have had a better performance from the cast! Its amazing how in the most uncomftable location with the tightest working timescale produced what appeared to be the best performances of the cast to date. This could be down to the fact that we have developed a relationship with the cast, and have past that ice breaking barrier and started to enjoy ourselves. Shame it happened on the last shoot of the production. But we shall be extending invites to all cast and crew for the premier of the film

Good times =D

After the shoot, we managed to capture the footage to the project file. And was halfway through doing next Mondays job of filtering the video clips into scenes and removing the unwanted clips before matt kicked us out at the very early time of 4pm!! Grrrrrr!!!

But never before have I looked forward to getting up on a Monday morning and getting on with some video editing ha-ha!!