Wednesday, 13 May 2009



Wednsday was a straight forward day, it must be my editing workflow kicking in now. Rather than wasting time umming and arring, I knew what was happening and what was coming next in my editing workflow. To top it off it was also saving some valuable time in the day resulting in more scenes being edited at a faster rate.

We managed to manufacture the cuts on scenes four, six and partially seven. Throughout the day it became apparent that the sound design is going to need some serious work to match the films visual. We are already in the process of listing Foley that we will need to find or produce for the sound design. The dialogue in areas is very quiet and sometimes disrupted with odd background noises such as a passing vehicle or bar staff cleaning the location. This has also prompted the thoughts of dubbing the dialogue to replace the poor quality sections from the boom microphone recordings. This is something we shall make a decision on dependant on time restrictions and prioritising our jobs into a hierarchy of importance.

Problems and Solutions:

Sound design and its quality clashing in comparison to the visual
To solve it we need to go through a sound cleansing session and/or consider dubbing of the dialogue in more specific poor quality or quiet areas.