Sunday, 17 May 2009

Film Title! Its a tricky one

Its getting to a crucial stage of the project now. The summer sunshine is closing in, well it would be if it was any chance of the horrific rain clouds getting lost. The slow tightening slipknot around our necks that is the deadline starting to constrict the airways and blood flow of the FMP's progression. Today i have been racking the old noggin to eradicate the working title of "Brandy's Song" for a more suitable and more permanent alternative.

The struggle was not from lack in creativity, its more as a result of how abnormal the film is shaping up to be. Getting a title that can make sense of the plot seems to be near on impossible. However i do have some titles in the making and wish to share them:

Titles go as follows:

All or Nothing

Raise The Steaks


Wild Spin

Last Spin

Last Odds

Whats The Odds

No Odds

True Odds

Wild Card



Am liking "Whats The Odds" and "Payoff" at the moment, and after an email from Greame, something along the lines of
"The Payoff Blues" or "The Blues Payoff" Its at least looking more promising that the working title of "Brandys song"

More to follow on that issue soon