Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Deadlines closing in, the restriction is slowly cutting off the air supply. Time to get this project put to bed. The next and final process is to treat the sound for levels and broken audio levels in the projects cuts. This process was out of my specialist duristiction, but i still wanted to have some input on the process and learn new skills in the post production field. So I handed this over to james as his skills with sound design better mine. The process involved going through the film, and piece by piece edit the sound levels to avoid any very quiet sections, and more importantly any peaking levels that would sound horrificly destructive in the mix.

By keeping the levels to a standard mid level mix, it slowly turned a mixed up audio mess, ito a perfect sound mix to match the visuals quality. In addition to improove the sound, we applyed a graphic equalizer to all the problematic vocal clips. By changing specific frequencys in the equalizer, we managed to eliminate all the low frequency bass sounds of the boom rattling and the air conditioning scattered around the location. This resulted in the vocal levels sounding crisper in the mix.

As it stands now, we still need to apply a soundtrack for the final scene, this is something that we may have to consider sacrificing for the subission, and take more time over, and be more considerate to the production of a soundtrack ready for film festival entrys and other things of that nature in the up coming future.