Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Editing TIme! Entry 8

Long time has past, and many things have been achieved since the previous editing blog entry.

Late last week editing finally started to become a major chore, a feeling i have long been anticipating, but thankfully came much closer to the end of the working session than i estimated. Although i did not intend to spend as long editing the film. Now, finally we have completed the edit, and just need some final sound treatment, and one additional soundtrack for the closing scene to the film.

In the later stages of the editing process i started to run into some workflow issues. These issues occured when we started to apply colour correction and colour application with the "Magic Bullet" plugin suite. It took some serious routing and head scratching to solve the issue. In the end it was my workflow to blame. By exporting the after effects camera edits in the "animation" codec format, it changed the final cut projects sequence settings to custom, and in addition to the file sizes being "HUGE" final cut quite litrely died. Its poor little heart stopped beating, and was replaced by apples multicouloued spinning wheel of death!!


Anyway we managed to rectify the problem, by exporting a new movie file and using that new movie export as the project move, and resluted in final cuts ressusitation, after an hour of rendering the clip of course! the spinning wheel of death give way, and the cursor returned to alow the scrub of the projects timeline. happy days =D From there on in, it was a matter of matching up color correction and andding a desired color treatment to the films best visual intrest. Started doing this process but was cut of at 9pm as the colege shuts!