Thursday, 28 May 2009

Editing TIme! Entry 10

The final countdown!

Deadline tomorrow and approaching fast, the film is currently in a completed state and ready to write to DVD. We spent today reviewing the film for any obvious mistakes and problems we would like to change. In addition, I have tested the film in a private showing with close family, and a few friends. This was probably not the best thing to do, as all the response i received consisted of "wow thats awesome" and "well done, am proud of you" and other quotes of that nature. Nothing critical to aid an improvement of finalization process.

As it stands this evening, we are ready to collate all the pre production materials and other relevant data to add to the hand in DVD. The main inputs i shall be supplying is my editing journal, and other bits supporting that document. We shall cary out the file organization and DVD burning tomorrow morning, ready for the 4pm deadline.

Thats pretty much it for the editing journal am afraid, there will still be much more to come on the succession of additional improvements to the film, and in the bigger picture, a premier (of which i am really looking forward to) Also the process of entering the film into up and coming competitions and film festivals and cinema screenings is something we will be looking into over the summer months, so keep posted for announcements concerning such events.

The project was a great learning cure for both myself and my team, i have most certainly learned great new skills, and suffered at the hands of horrific mistakes. But this as we say, builds character, and moulds a more efficient professional. Its been a great experience for myself, and i hope i managed to share this experience with any reader following this series of editing posts.


Mark Braithwaite