Friday, 26 September 2008

Visual Effects And Motion Graphics

After a long hard night at work yesterday evening, and an even harder day of racking my pounding head for some inspiration on the new brief now brings me to writing up the first blog of the project, and on that note, the academic year. Yesterday when I received the briefing on the Visual Effects Module, I had mixed feelings towards it. The brief in itself appeared to be a great, but I was in a way over anticipating how good it actually was, knowing about it from the end of the first year, I have allowed my self to build up expectation of a more open approach, and had all these ideas floating about in my head. As i know know, the brief is very specific and landed me and my pre return stewing brain right back to square one (I see this as a positive thing of course) Back to last night then, from the moment I had left college, there was a tie between the UFO-SI-FI Channel and the FEAR-Channel 4 breakouts, by the end of my shift, I had come to the decision of following the FEAR breakout. what were my reasons? I hear you all cry! Well I believe that the main and most academically justifiable explanation would be that the skills involved in creating "visual" and "emotional" material that is convincingly scary is by far the hardest emotion to capture. At this point of self assessment in my head, I was thinking.. OK so I have chosen FEAR, and to make this achievable, I am going to have to produce some pretty convincing material that can pass for hollywood quality SAW style horror, or its possible to go for a more comedy horror, with all the exaggerated blood and guts? but the brief does state psychological and thriller movies, so that narrows that pathway down to a prefered advantage. After a crap nights sleep due to suffering from the infamous man flu, I have been filtering through some DVDs to filter out some really nice inspirational source material that I can sigh at and say, ohh how I wish I could do that! But seriously, I have watched some nice motivating stuff today, especially on the good old Extra Features.

To start with, one of my favorite Shane Meadows films:


A great film to watch for gritty down to earth realistic horror, but with a twist of good nature mixed in to the chaos. Dead mans shoes is all about that grey "elephant man" gas mask, its unbelievably chilling, and awesome at the same time. As all gas masks are genuinely scary, when captured correctly on camera, they can send shivers down the spine, as it plays on that human cover up deformity feel. As i watched, and took note of the film, the use of sudden cut shots where an appearance is made then vanishes all of a sudden works wonders, its like a shark in deep water, you would prefer have a visual on the sharks thin "gas mask man" because when you loose that visual, all becomes calm, and that is even more terrifying.

Screenshot of the Gas Mask - Dead Mans Shoes

So the point i am trying to aim at from this particular film is that the sudden shock of this gas mask, then for it to disappear, this is the kind of material that makes us jump, and thus makes me think hold on, i can recreate this in my own style, its just considering where to put it into a television advertisement structure? at the moment I am not too sure how film season adverts look, or how they are structured. But this is something to look at as well as such inspiring source material such as this.