Monday, 22 September 2008

Promotional Material

During My college warm up period, I have been heavily involved with my band and our current run to get back on track. We have suffered a deadly year with our guitarist leaving, we managed to find a new guitarist who is amazing, and now the original guitarist has come back to the family.. thus engaging us to become awesome once again! we have been working very hard to get back into the groove of things, and we have produced some exiting new material, and hope to be giging before we see the year out!

But thats not the point of this blog, as i was saying about being heavily involved with this in terms of college, i have produced some new graphics for promotion and maybe even my first long awaited T-shirt design.

The design is still a working progress for final production, but is starting to take shape:

Maybe a little rude for a sensitive soul, although it doesn't bother me in the slightest, its a work of art, all digitally produced by graphic tablet and photography, followed by production in photoshop. Am still yet to send it into the world of the bands Myspace page to be rated by the people who matter.. the fans and band members alike! but all the creatives out there, give it a good citing