Sunday, 28 September 2008

Looking at "Idents"

When Reading the brief for the first time, I had to sit and ask myself "what is an ident" this small little word of mystery, of course i had my gut feeling as to what it may be, but was not sure all the same. So to clear this little problem I had, by doing a little research into what its actual meaning was, i have not only found out for a fact what it actually means in the broadcasting world, but it has aided me to do more detailed and productive research on source material. The best description of "ident" also known as a "sounder or stinger" came from Wikipedia under "Station Identification" it displays a great description for someone like myself who has very little knowledge on what the word actually means.

Description Below:

from reading this, have now gathered that a channel or radio station uses an "ident" as a mark/tag or signature in a more creative and visually exiting way, by making this attractive it also works as a memory imprint to lure people into watching the station/ listening to the radio similar to advertising. When thinking of a really good existing example that i can analyze and inspire from, it clicked to look at the infamous channel four moving shape idents, as they are relevant to the same channel as the brief, and they also pack a punch of visual effects and are very memorable.

The Youtube Video Below Has Some Of The Best Examples:

some nice visual effects in those idents, but as i am aware these are idents for the channel alone, to do a "FEAR SEASON" will include footage of films that will be featuring on the "FEAR SEASON" including a signature ident to the channel, in the briefs case, this is channel 4 too. So in terms of research i need to look at and analyze how idents work alone, and how they work along side an advertisement for a series/season. also i believe it will be beneficial to look at how the footage in these adverts is structured by considering aspects such as the editing of footage, and he footage to moving graphic ratio, and in addition to this, researching and analyzing some physiological and thriller movies will help to inspire and develop some scene ideas for the story boarding of my own " FEAR SEASON ON CHANNEL 4"

found some idents for the BBC although personally i feel there not as identifiable as the channel 4 versions

Ident mntage For BBC ONE:

Ident montage For BBC TWO: