Saturday, 24 October 2009

Shotlist: Keeping things ship shape!

After compiling the storyboards together and collectively analysing them for final production. The mentioning cropped up in a conversation regarding shortlists. Now until this date, i have never produced a shot list for a production. After trawling various websites and a few books in consideration to the creation of this said shot list. There are various methods to generate shotlists through software. To be fair and honest, these may work for some collectives, however the idea of installing software to do a job such as generation of a shotlist seemed a tad inappropriate for the needs that we request from a shotlist.

However inspiring and productive to see these techniques were, my personalised shotlist was more of a highbred storyboard. Providing that visual into the same document seeped the most appropriate methid to approach in the creation of these documents.

The document had a very easy to follow system to allow our additional crew to make sense of the productions process. This would be most crucial for jo, the continuity and shot list co-ordinator. The process behind making the document easily understandable for a non film production orientated being was to use formats that most people can relate to with no real difficulty.

How did i approach this? by using large thumbnails which are near enough shot by shot relevant, the crew were able to visualise the next shot in the sequence. Speaking of sequence, i organised the shot list in order of various priorities. These priorities were issues such as continuity (especially in the torture sequence, considering the use of SFX make up on actors) Another very vital priority was the use of equipment. When ever possible the shot list would group together equipment used in conjunction to where it is used. So for example; all the crane shots were put together for a start. then they would be placed in order to how far the equipment has to travel between shots. Also to add confusion this would come second to the continuity of bloody make up effects being used.

Those theories should keep us in good stead for the shoot, Fingers Crossed!