Friday, 30 October 2009

Ready and waiting

Wednesday just gone. Myself and Graeme caught up with our additional crew members Jon, Jo and Mia. The meeting was literally a situation to talk through the storyboards and shot list comparison. This gave the crew a rich knowledge of the plan for the scheduled shoot coming up, and allowing them to feel comfortable in there designated roles, more so Jo, as she will have to be very independent and proactive on set. Normally i have struggled to communicate and feel at ease around people i do not know well, so far i have taken this opportunity to build my personality with colleagues to develop a solid relationship in preparation for the shoot. Lets hope this shows through in the outcome!

After previous discussions, we made the decision to give john the position of camera grip. In this briefing on Wednesday, I gave Jon a standard operational induction with the sony XD camera and lens mount. Knowing he was already camera literate, he really did not need this induction, he was naturally able with the equipment. although providing Jon with his on set roles was a vital issue that i needed to get across so there is no clash in interest when the camera is in operation on shoot.

With that said, the production is ready to get the good old lights camera and action. Will report back to blogger once the production has been canned, with thoughts and evaluation of the working day.

Until then! Wish us Luck!