Thursday, 12 November 2009

Producing updates: Location and other news

I have been e-mailing a nice fellow called Jack. Jack is a co founder and music promoter of Eiger Studios. Eiger is a Leeds based gig venue/recording/rehearsal studio. I know him on quite a personal level through rehearsal sessions i have there with the band. The studio has various spaces that would be sufficient for a music video.

The main space that myself and alex are interested in is the venue space. it is large and has a great visual that could be made to look stunning on video.

Where that side of things seems to be running smooth, the almost impossible task of organising shooting dates to both coincide with the college booking system and the bands availability is proving to be a nightmare. However, with constant open communication between alex, and my band members, we finally managed to get some "fixed" dates. And i still say this with hesitation. But its now down to trust in other peoples hands. All i can do is keep chasing up by phone and email to reassure the attendances. Fingers and toes crossed.