Thursday, 22 October 2009

Location, Locaion.. Oh wait maybe not!

Temple Mill

After Weeks of waiting and hoping following the very motivating recreational visit to Temple Mill in Holbeck, We have now reached a point where waiting for the location to materialise is casing a threat to the productivity of the schedule. As a result we have now chosen to opt for a backup plan of the studio theatre in the college. But again, booking the studio theatre a couple of weeks before you need the space has again proven near on impossible! So to "plan C" in theory.

We have successfully booked the second photography studio based next to the ceramic studio, this is located in what feels like another world in the deep bowls of the resistant materials quarter of the college.

However, the room does seem sufficient, although art direction will be taking a heavy directional shift, it is something i am already aware of and have had experience with previously. When i say this, my plan will be changing from relying on the much sought after location backgrounds which looked the part of a "torture location" with huge space, allowing freedom of movement and great depth to the camera, to a smaller photography studio with no interesting or even "relevant" background detail. The plan in mind will eliminate any background detail allowing the visual to look and feel like a huge room with very little lighting, this would appear black as the walls are not visible in shot due to the lack of light.

Here is some previous work i have produced to provide an example of this dark open space feel:

After Effects Demon from Mark Braithwaite on Vimeo.