Friday, 27 June 2008

Title Sequence for Dysfunctional Art

With this mini project i have set myself. I have successfully achieved two things rather than just the one. While learning the ways of Adobe After effects, I have simultaneously produced a nice working title sequence to represent my efforts in any future moving image productions i am involved with.

Using After effects and a photoshop document I created this:

I produced it from a hand drawn title font scanned from paper, and a photograph of this beautiful little cloud captured by my Canon D400. The cloud was all alone in the air as it caught my eye through the window as i was on the very computer i am tying this blog post, unfortunately the clouds outside at this moment in time are much larger and more populated and also much darker with moisture falling from them, I believe its commonly referred to as typical english weather?

Yeah, Comment... Criticize and ENJOY


Luke Beaumont's Design for Digital Media Blog said...

I have no experience of after effects so can comment on the techniques you have used, but from a visual and sound point of view i think it works very well