Friday, 13 June 2008

Premier of Fallout

So earlier this afternoon myself, james and Graeme hosted a linked Youtube premier of our entry to the horror competition/ college video drome project.

As of now the Video is going down quite well on youtube collecting small amounts of feedback and getting over 90 views in 3 hours. This in my opinion has ben a good start and a success in terms of what we was trying to achieve.

Here is the video now uploaded for refrence and enjoyment to all you crazy mofos:

Please watch, enjoy and leave some constructive criticism on my youtube page.

On that note that was the last hand in of the year for the DDM course.. how fast that went. I only wish the course went on through summer, that would be awesome =D

Instead i intend to do some personal development and hone my skills in various techniques including Adobe After effects and some film techniques... But more on that at a later date