Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Post shoot review:

The Shoot, what a series of events that was. I played drums without actually making a noise!! I got punched in the face numerous times by a good friend! And stressed my self silly transporting a full drumkit and full rig setup for a music video in a three door hatchback! EEEK!! Regardless of all the trauma, it was a great time, full of laugh's and good times had by all. Would do it again anytime in a heartbeat.

At times it did become slightly frustrating, this developed through my eager sense to want a hold on everything going on, and wanting full control. The shoot, especially the second day was a good test to control these urges, and allow Alex and dali to take there own control over the situation. And again i felt myself getting slightly frustrated, but managed to control the feeling and have a successful second day of shooting. Things i would like to do better from my point of view would be secure the primary location. Again a similar story to that of the torture shoot on my other project. Putting trust in people who quite literally do not care about your project is far from a good plan to follow! sniff them out early and dispose of them out of your options! Lesson learned!