Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Nosey Neighbour Shoot: My Overview

The second shoot of the week, and to be bluntly honest, it was previously my least favoured of the two. With that said, i would possibly be eating my own words, with the location being set in my home, it was a rather strange experience. Theres no truer experience of bringing your work home! This fact gave me a sense of comfort, as i could snack as and when i pleased! All jokes aside, i was really disappointed with using our home as the location. Down to facts such as lack of preset art direction, warmth or even feminine impression to the rooms we shot in, Using the "backup" location for the production literally put me straight off the idea of salvaging any usable material for showreel. This would be the case in if the above theory to these lacking conditions were to come true.

Regardless of these negative vibes presented, i took the shoot in my stride, and tried my upmost to take the job seriously but keep relaxed and even fun, with the hope of it being educational to my skills. This attitude worked wonders when it came to the day of the shoot. Not only was the situation an enjoyable one, and not only did it flow smoothly, but most importantly for me, i learned some valuable lessons, and with fingers crossed some decent footage. Hopefully from what i have seen, some of my cinematography focus looks to have paid off. but more on that at a later date

Looking at some lessons learned would most probably be the idea to stop immediately judging situations and even people for a more personal matter. This habit of mine, only appears to divert me from where i would like to go, or in this case, what i would like to achieve. Lesson well and truly learned

The cast were very nice to work with, as always, however working with difficult is something that we all was looking forward to doing with a certain actor for the torture shoot, but he was too unreliable to risk a no show on shoot day. John was the camera assistant that the producer had fished up from the film club down at vernon street. Although i really did not utilise this chance to the maximum, i still managed to let go of my precious grip on the camera slightly to allow john to operate, and i could then take more of a backseat camera directing role. Was a great experience, and i shall be doing this on my final major next year.