Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Project Metropolis: Music video production

Project metropolis are looking for a new music video for there latest track recording "Rothcore" This is a rather bizarre project to be involved in from my position. Because the word "involved" is quite literally an understatement on a stupidly large magnitude. Not only was it my inspiration that lead to the idea of the music video for the band, i am also a member of the band, and i will be working in the production and editing of the music video.

Funny Old Picture: LOLZ

To start with i will underline my specific duties i have been directed to partake in:

Producer: i will be organising all the scheduling of the band members, and equipment booking. I will also be on scout for shot locations, although another member of the project is undertaking this job on a more primary level. I will be more of a backup for that side of things.

Assistant Director: Although i will keep my input to a minimum, i intend to have some form of input into the directing, wether it involves something as simple as providing a second opinion, as well as speaking my opinion on how to approach matters that arise.

Editor: Although there will be a primary editor on the project, i will be creating an edit of my own. The main reason for this is my personal direction on how i wish to carry the story of the video. My opinion is more than likely to differ from the other editors choices.

On top of that, i will just float and try help out when ever i can. This project will always fall second to my main project with James and Graeme. Just to make that clear. My commitment will go into the post production side of things when the shooting has wrapped on the project with James and Graeme.