Monday, 12 October 2009

Digital Media Development
Research and techniques

In the previous posts regarding the torture sequence, it has just come to realisation that covered the main concerns but one. That is the torturer. Although the Saw films provided a great reference for all the other aspects of this sequence. The one thing Saw does tend to approach differently to how we have planned our sequence is the role of the antagonist. The antagonist in the Saw films operates remotely, setting up self harm scenarios. We are looking for a one on one aggressor to victim situation. This then pointed in the direction of The Hostel Films.

The first detail i wish to point out in these films is the issue of a costume or in a more traditional sense "a disguise" Something that removes your personal identity from the victim. We have discussed the matter of costume and are still debating on the options of a balaclava or keeping the face exposed. The decision to consider the balaclava is down to the social stigma that the wearing of one may suggest an aggressive and somewhat rude personality stereotype.