Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Editing TIme! Entry 6


What a long day today has been, and to add to that i am now
Blogging in what i consider to be a break due to having a location shoot at night fall! In the mean time i am sat blogging in the av suite, now thats comitment! I have been producing some of the sound design elements manly ambient background sound to cheat that busy feel to a scene. In addition to that, we went down to the casino location earlier today to capture some roulette table footage (as seen in the picture) this was essential for the story and its flow in the closing scenes. After a few hours and some nice sfx, i managed to slide them into the final cut! So the film is making steady progress, and hope to get the final footage in the next 2 hours! Then i will be tierd! Very tierd! But am still eager for tomorow! Av got a screw loose!

Posted by ShoZu