Tuesday, 8 April 2008

York Minster Round 2: Ding Ding

In the easter break, I spent a fair amount of time with a camera, snapping away at any thing or where. When an upcoming visit to York was in my sights, I made it a desired plan to reconstruct a second version of my weird and wonderful manipulated representation of the York minster.

Some may remember the original Minster shot:

Using a Cannon D400 (DSLR) I stand central facing the building and take a series of over lapping shots to get that warped bending look as i photograph the sides of the minster:

Example of overlaying technique:

I would open the nine separate images into photoshop, and overlay them to the best of my ability to give it some form of real perspective. As photographer david hockney does, overlaying the photographs to create a bigger picture. In my case, i seem the edges of these images together to create a realistic photomerge as opposed to an obvious overlaying photomerge like hockney.

Here is my finished sequel to the York Minster Montage Series:

Crits And Comments Welcomed and appreciated! =)