Monday, 28 April 2008

imac touchscreen?

The Power of the ipod touch/iphone in the imac!

Something that i believe looks awesome but is completely inappropriate!! and useless in most ways.


rockbigdave said...

I bloged about touchscreen computers today! More on the lines of taking a macbook and making it just a screen than an Imac but I do belive its the way forward. It gets rid of the mouse thus free's desk space. The future is touching tbh. :p

DDM Student said...

Yeah too right! We all love touching! =D

Luke Beaumont's Design for Digital Media Blog said...

yeah I agree I definatley think the future of computing is touch based, but I think flat/ static screens are only the tip of the ice burgh,

Ever since our ddm group went to Bradford and I saw the 3d film I think 3d is going to play a huge roll in the future, imagine a 3d user interface where you "reach in" to manipulate objects as tho they were litterally I infront of you, maybe that sounds a little far fetched for now, but I am sure it would be achiveable with todays current technology