Thursday, 10 April 2008

Chickens and Golden Eggs?

Upon my recent decision to progress into the Aesop's fable: Chicken That Laid Golden Eggs, I have been submerging myself into the wonderful world of drawing. By drawing repetitive images of the same characters, considering slight variety tweaks still to be made, I have managed to development some rough characters for my fable design.

I am aiming for my own personal style, and warping the real form of a chicken into an abstract and disturbing version of my own:

The eyes look lifeless, this is an effect I will be aiming to achieve when it comes to animating the chicken/s. The long over exaggerated legs look obscure and quite frightening. Of course, with nice rendered textures, my visual will become more clear than in these liner sketches.

Below: I present to you all, something what is looking like a good final visual! Not set in stone but am liking the look so far.

To Come Soon:
Designs of the cottage people
Some first animation tests
Rendered Character Designs