Thursday, 26 November 2009

Cinematographers Perspective:

To conclude the documentation, i have trawled through the work produced to date, and wished to share some of my most cherished produce from the years last scheduled project. Below lay two screen shots from the developing film Nosey Neighbour. The shots i have decided to speak about are from the point of view of a cinematographer, with a slight hint of art direction and continuity.
First of the bat is this beautiful shot:

For those who have no idea on the concept in the story, at this point she is staring through a peek in the blinds while watching off a disturbing neighbour leave her drive. On location we came across the issue of how to film the shot without needing to venture outside. Somebody mentioned just move the actor from the window. But this would have looked odd. We needed to get here as close to the camera, and the camera as close to the window as possible. Then there was the issue of lighting. The natural light from behind the camera and myself would cast a shadow. So with a soft spot light we recreated the light flooding onto the face to give the effect she is still up against the window. Thus giving the viewer the comfortable transition of continuity between behind and front cuts. In addition, the shot just has an extra quality about it that stands out from the rest as a result of this bizarre lighting technique.

This is my very close second favourite:

This shot unbelievably comes directly after. My two favourite visuals both together right towards the end. Need to learn how to spread them out slightly! The quality of this image is the colour. The shares of brown and cream, very mundane and neutral colours representing a nice vision, also the central "symmetrical" positioning feels very cinematic. Apart from that, its just a personal favourite. Enjoy